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February 25th, 2019

Originally published at karen j carlisle. You can comment here or there.

The time converter was malfunctioning! I’ll be there in an hour!

Chat to me Sun 24th at 8pm (NewYork time)/ Mon 25 at 10.30am 11.30am (Adelaide time) at: https://www.facebook.com/events/565616523906689/  

This event is dedicated to the belief that our books have value and authors deserve to be compensated for their hard work and expenses involved in writing and publishing…
and you can meet new authors, discover new books!

Our Books are Not Free Facebook event is coming, 23rd-28th Feb.

Use the hashtag: #OurBooksAreNotFree

Our Books Are Not Free Posts

Originally published at karen j carlisle. You can comment here or there.

Curious about the FB event? You can follow my posts here:

Post 1: Intro and elevensies
Post 2: It’s hot – Aunt Enid, born of summer heat
Post 3: Aunt Enid – child hood memories and Lemon Butter recipe.
Post 4: Steampunk poll
Post 5: What is steampunk?
Post 6: Viola Stewart – Doctor Jack: how to fight anxiety and PTSD
Post 7: Department of Curiosities – info
Post 8 (final post): Thank you, links, Patreon

Feel free to join the conversation. I’ll be haning around for a while longer.
– Karen J

Get the Most out of your Patreon Pledge

Originally published at karen j carlisle. You can comment here or there.

I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.

Are you thinking of supporting an indie author, or are you already a supporter contemplating increasing your pledge?

Why not make the most of it?

This is how to do it:

  • It’s almost March.  My new book is due out in late May.
  • Patreon processes supporting pledges on the 2nd of the month.
  • If you sign-up to support me BEFORE then end of April,  you get access to ebook/paperback copy of Aunt Enid (depending on your chosen pledge tier)
  • In May – you get a ebook/paperback copy of my soon to be release book: The Department of Curiosties.

Check out your rewards at: https://www.patreon.com/join/KarenJCarlisle

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