April 27th, 2019

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All Hail the Gadgeteer!

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What is one thing that steampunk stories have? Gadgets!

In the Department of Curiosties they are known as ‘mechanicals.’ And the Queen is determined to control them all – for the good of the Empire, of course.  The Department of Curiosities was created to for that purpose.

On this stop in my blog tour,  you get a glimpse into some of the series background and themes.

Fellow steampunk, Stephanie Kato’s  interest in post-apocalyptic and dystopian books and video games led to her penning her first series of novels,  Nelson and Hyde Revolution.

Stephanie interviews me on her blog,  Looking toward the Future. The post should go live late Friday 26th (Southern California time – that’s late today Adelaide time).photo: courtesy of Stephanie Kato

Next stop:Next stop: 27th April – (Germany) Phoebe Daquerling. Learn more about our heroine Tillie Meriwether.
30th April: Book trailer to be featured on The Steampunk Journal.

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Meet Tillie Meriwether.

Originally published at karen j carlisle. You can comment here or there.

A new series needs a new heroine.

Meet Tillie Meriwether on Phoebe Daquerling’s blog. Phoebe is currently in Germany, but usually posts  early Eastern Time (USA) – so there’s more timeshift shennanigans (The post should be live approx 8.00pm today, Adelaide time).

Phoebe is a steampunk author (and contemporary romance author under her pen name, M E Anders) , blogger and writes for Steampunk Journal.

Photo: courtesy Phoebe Daquerling.

She is currently in the middle of her own book blog tour for her latest book, No Rest for the Wicked. 

Read about Tillie and Viola on Phoebe’s blog, then grab a cup of tea,  stick around and read Phoebe’s post  about her Viola HERE .

Phoebe will also be featuring the full Department of Curiosities book trailer on The Steampunk Journal on April 30th (US Eastern time).

Next stop for my blog tour
30th April:Book trailer to be featured on The Steampunk Journal
3rd May: On fellow Aussie steampunk author, Felicity Banks’, blog.