Karen J Carlisle

The Purple Files/ Off the Artboard


Too many interests and not enough time!

Writing/Art: I graduated in 1986, from Queensland Institute (now University) of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Optometry. I live in Adelaide with my family and ancient Devon Rex cat. I am not keen on the South Australian summers. I am currently writing full time.

Here you will find scribblings about my journey as a writer, musings on writing, art, photography ... and my garden - even some philosophy, on occasion. My main influences are speculative fiction with my current genres centering on Steampunk , Fantasy, Historical.

If you want to learn more about my writing or buy my artwork, check out: http://karencarlisle.purplefiles.net

Costume: I stretch my free time between Steampunk, Science Fiction, historical reenactment and Fantasy Costuming. (difficult decision really). My passion is research and recreation of Florentine 16th century clothing and art, including sketching and pen and ink. I have still not come down from the 'high' of attending the Costume Colloquium in Florence and seeing the extant 16thC dresses in Pisa and Pitti Palace...
I love experimenting with new research to see how it really works and trying to quell my creative urges...

If you want to know more on my costume check out: http://katerina.purplefiles.net

I am a member of the
The Australian Writer’s Marketplace
sa writers
UK Costume Society,
Society for Creative Anachronism
the Australian Costumers' Guild